What tires should I buy for an electric car?

all-season tires

Electric cars and hybrid cars are heavier than normal cars as they have many heavy battery packs to ensure sufficient driving distance. This is why you should select tires that are recommended for use in electric cars. These tires can handle the extra load and are wear-resistant, so they don’t wear out prematurely. Electric cars can accelerate faster, and the steering is more precise, so you will need premium tires to benefit fully from these features and avoid that they will wear out too fast.

As electric cars have instant high torque, the stress can be higher on the tires, so you should rotate the cars more often than you might be used to. Rotation intervals should be around 3500-5000 miles to ensure even wear and that the tires don’t wear out too quickly. You can drastically increase the lifetime of the tires by rotating them. The best is to measure the tread depth and change when you have a difference of 5/64 inches between the front and rear tires. When you then rotate the tires, you just change the back with the front tire on the same side. The left and right tires should have the same wear; if it isn’t or you have other differences in wear, you need to take the car to a tire service station and have them check the tires and find the reason for any difference.

Since electric or hybrid cars are heavier than normal cars, tire pressure becomes even more important to check and correct. Underinflated tires will cause your tires to wear out faster than expected; it also leads to increased rolling resistance so that you get less distance out of each charge. Even though electricity is cheaper than petrol, you still don’t want to waste electricity as you still pay for it, and the batteries are expensive, so you want to reduce the amount of charging cycles.

Checking the tires on a regular basis is essential to see that there are no cuts, cracks, or other visible damages.  You should also check the tread and measure the depth of the grooves and remove any stones that might be stuck. Stuck stones can damage and wear out the tires prematurely. You need to ensure that the tread depth is at least 5/32 inches. The tire pressure is very important as the weight is higher, so you need to check this every month as well as when you have big differences in the temperature.

When you have good all-season tires or winter tires on your vehicle, the driving experience will be enhanced. Good tires will give you precision and stability when you drive, even at high temperatures. The risk of hydroplaning is reduced when you have good tires. For the prevention of hydroplaning, it is important to have sufficient tread depth. Inadequate tread depth will prolong the braking distance.  This leads to unsafe driving; therefore, you need to make sure that you change tires as soon as you go below 5/32 inches of tread depth.

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