Travel Restrictions: Where Can I Travel

Are you planning a trip to a new country? Are you afraid that you might run into some travel restrictions while traveling abroad? Fear not, because you are not alone. Many people have travel anxiety, especially when they are going on an extended trip or traveling for business.

In many countries, tourists are required to remain home for fourteen days after arriving in that country. While some countries have no travel restrictions, most of their websites still have information covering possible face mask requirements in public settings, such as airports. Other countries may still have quarantine requirements. The following list is alphabetical and features links that will take you to the different travel restrictions that you might encounter while traveling to a foreign country: Australia, British Columbia, Canada, Costa Rica, Eastern Caribbean, Germany, Guadeloupe, Japan, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, United States, Western Pacific. To learn more about travel restrictions affecting other areas of the world, check out the State Department’s web page on Travel Warnings.

Many American citizens who travel to Asia or other countries are concerned about the potential arrest and detaining of U.S. citizens who refuse to adhere to travel restrictions. Certain states, for example, authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest anyone who cannot comply with their terms of entry. Some travelers have been detained solely for refusing to obey these laws.

If you will be traveling to a state that has quarantine requirements, make sure to have a current copy of your travel immunization record, according to the US Department of Health. Bring your records with you when you change state, in case your condition is updated. You can also call your doctor to obtain an updated copy of your records. Failure to do so could result in penalties or charges against you, depending on what state’s laws say. For Private Blood tests, STI home test kit, vitamin d test kit, and home testosterone test UK, contact Harley Medic.

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