The Future of Remote Work

With globalization and technological advancements, the future of remote work is moving faster than ever. In a world where there are so many similar services for working virtually out of an office, among the most novel trends has been the adoption of newer technologies, including virtual reality, in order to save time and cost in the deployment of a virtual workforce. Virtual assistants are an emerging breed of service providers who are not employees but carry out outsourced administrative, marketing, and technical support functions. In the Philippines, several virtual assistant companies have been set up to deal with the demands of the outsourcing market. The Philippines, being one of the fastest-growing Asian countries, has already become a significant provider of outsourcing jobs in the IT and BPO sectors.

If the trend continues, there will be a significant need for companies, both international and local, to hire these virtual assistants in the Philippines to help them sustain themselves in the cutthroat business world. Virtual assistants are usually provided virtual office space, dedicated computer servers, laptops, etc. They are then paid on a per-contract basis and can be deployed to any location as per the client’s requirements. This flexible model allows the companies to reap the benefits of having a VA without making a long-term commitment. Also, the companies can reimburse their expenses faster, thanks to the economies of scale created by the virtual team, enabling the companies to attract and retain more clientele.

Many virtual professionals are drawn to the Philippines as the country offers a good platform for outsourcing work to Asia. There are several reasons why this is the case. First, the Philippines is a cheaper place to do business compared to the Chinese mainland. Second, the quality of life offered by the Philippines is considered very good by most virtual professionals. Lastly, the Filipino people are incredibly talented and hardworking, which are two factors all companies look for while choosing contractors in the Philippines.

To learn more about the future of remote work with virtual assistants, check out the infographic below from OVA VIRTUAL:

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