The Different Types Of Roller Shutters

Industrial roller shutters in Brisbane have seen a rise in popularity over the past years. It is especially true considering that most burglaries occur through doors and windows. Roller shields or shutters offer protection against intruders as well as security. Roller shutters are becoming more popular, and manufacturers have many options.

6 Types Of Roller Shutters

Every property owner has different needs. Many types of roller shutters can be used to meet those needs. It can make it challenging to choose the right roller shutters.

Learn more about the various types of roller shutters. This information will allow you to decide the kind of roller shutter best for your home and needs.

1. Interior Roller Shutters

Roller shutters for interior use are installed inside your building. They can be used in many places such as internal doors and storage compartments… These shutters look great on the and they come in many different styles and colours to match your tastes.

2. Exterior Roller Shutters

Exterior roller shutters can be fitted to the exterior of your building. They are available in many styles and colours to match your aesthetic preferences, just like interior roller shutters..

Rolling them up or down can control how much light and ventilation you let into your property. They offer greater security and protection against intruders and harsh weather conditions due to their durability.

3. Manual Roller Shutters

As the name implies, manual roller shutters can be operated manually. You can open and close them by turning a handle.

They are often cheaper than electric roller shutters because they have fewer and more affordable components. They are a popular choice for those looking to reduce costs.

Consider electric shutters. If you have large roller shutters, you will need to adjust them frequently.

4. Electric Roller Shutters

The installation and maintenance of electric roller shutters are more costly than manual ones. They are, however, much more convenient.

You can open or close your shutters by simply pressing a button. They don’t require any strength. To reduce your electricity bills, you can connect them to solar cells.

Many homeowners and property owners, particularly those with limited mobility, consider electric roller shutters a worthwhile investment.

5. Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium roller shutters can be extremely lightweight and long-lasting. They are resistant to intruders and extreme weather conditions, and they don’t corrode easily. They can also reduce noise and energy consumption. They are a popular choice for roller shutters.

6. Transparent Roller Shutters

Transparent roller shutters are more visible than their aluminium counterparts. They are becoming more popular, particularly for windows and doors overlooking beautiful scenery or gardens.


Installing roller shutters comes with different choices. Whether you want increased security, energy efficiency, or a modern appearance, you can find the right roller shutters for you. Let QLD Roller Shutters help you! Call them on 1300888381.

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