Progression of Television Technologies

Televisions have been a staple in most households for many years. They provide a good source of entertainment and information for people of varying ages. In the 20th century, high market competition pushed the evolution of display technology rapidly, resulting in television’s many changes and breakthroughs.

Cathode ray tubes were the first display technology invented in 1887 that use three electron beams that carry the colors red, green, and blue. LED displays came next in the 1900s and were followed by LCDs, plasma, OLED, and AMOLED displays, leading to the invention of Quantum-dot technology in 2013.

From thick boxes with moving black and white images to flat screens with a full high-definition display, televisions have advanced significantly, enabling people to have a lifelike colorful watching experience.

Additionally, their current features are something people could only imagine in the past. Viewers used to flip through channels by manually turning the knob on the television itself. In the digital age, users can simply control their televisions with a remote controller or even a mobile phone.

Moreover, modern-day televisions have become more versatile in their functions. Not only can people watch their favorite programs on this electronic gadget, but they can also use it to surf the internet and make presentations easier by projecting slideshows on the television screen.

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Display technology has indeed come a long way. Its history is rich with information that many might not be familiar with. If you are curious about the progression of TV technologies, the following infographic by Irwin’s Megastore will fill you in on the important details you need to know.

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