Things You Need to Know about Pearls

As with all jewellery, pearl jewellery can be used as an ornament or mark a special occasion. Pearls are the most flattering and versatile jewel. No matter how dark or light pearls are, their natural glow complements any skin tone.

Throughout history, pearls have been worn by kings, queens, merchants, fishermen, and others for different reasons, depending on their culture and location. In recent history, pearls have grown to be famous for jewellery making in general. Although the price of genuine pearls is higher than fake pearls, some people still believe that it’s more valuable.

A pearl is usually round, hard, shiny object made inside the soft tissue inside an oyster or a mollusc, typically found in freshwaters and sea waters around the globe. Pearls form when a foreign object or irritant enters the mollusc and becomes trapped. As it breaks down and becomes attached to the mollusc’s DNA, a nacre is formed, eventually creating pearls.

Pearls are light in weight and do not have any visible quality or structure. They are transparent, so they can be worn in different forms. They also come in various sizes ranging from a few millimetres up to a few centimetres in diameter. The nacre thickness, which refers to the thickness of the pearl walls, depends on pearl content, harvesting methods, water temperature, and many other factors.

Many pearls today are cultured or otherwise treated in some way to create different varieties. They are treated with chemicals such as dyes, metals salts, enzymes, and ultraviolet light to colour them. Some molluscs that breed pearls also add carbon to the molluscs, which causes the pearl to appear bluish or fizzy.

Pearl jewellery has long been a popular fashion choice and is often associated with elegance and class. The beauty and uniqueness of the pearl jewellery in conjunction with a woman’s style have kept it around for generations.

Many online and physical stores specialise in pearl jewellery where you can buy pearl jewellery sets easily, safely, and conveniently. However, you will also find many different kinds of pearls available. If you are unsure about the type of pearl jewellery you want to buy, you should get a good idea by asking for advice from experts. You can also choose some pearls to create personalised jewellery UK.

But before buying some jewellery, learn about everything you need to know about pearls in this infographic by Charming Jewellery Store.

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