Make use of the EU tyre label when you buy new tyres

There are a lot of sources where you can get information when you are selecting new tyres. They have simplified the process for tyres a bit as they have added the EU tyre label on every tyre sold within the EU. The label helps you so that you can easily compare the tyres when it comes to tyre noise, fuel consumption and wet grip. These work great when you compare summer tyres as they are tested in these conditions, however for winter tyres, they don’t have how the grip is on ice or snow, and the rolling resistance isn’t done at winter temperatures, so that they might be not applicable.

For winter tyres or all-season tyres, which are the winter approved tyres that you can use all year round, you will need to find the relevant information via other sources like motor magazines, the internet, tyre manufacturers information pages etc. You should make sure that the tyre tests are done in an objective and not subjective matter. There is no reason to look at tyres tests that are not done by major motor magazines or big car organizations.

You have to assess your tyres’ critical performance criteria and where and how you will use them before you start doing your search. Then you will know best what to look for, and you should be able to come up with the best tyre options. If you planning to buy summer tyres, you should use the EU tyre label to decide among your candidates.

When you select among winter tyres, you will need to decide between studded or non-studded tyres if the studded tyres are allowed. You also have the option to choose all-season tyres if you don’t have too harsh winter conditions or too long winters. If you decide to go for studded tyres, you should know that they perform the best of any tyres on icy surfaces. If you have non-studded tyres, they will be equally good on snowy streets and even when you have slush. You also have more flexibility with these tyres are they allow you to use them longer.

If you have an electric vehicle or hybrid, you will need to have low rolling resistance and wear-resistant tyres. If you have an SUV or other larger car, you will need to have a larger dimension and wider tyres to handle the heavier weight. You must get the correct dimension of the tyres. You can otherwise impact the vehicle’s performance and handling, and key instruments like odometer and speedometer can show the wrong reading.

Timely change between summer and winter tyres is important and proper tyre maintenance, if you make the tyre selection properly and then maintain the tyres, you will have good and safe tyres when you drive, and with premium tyres, they will also last a long time.

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