Make sure that you change early enough to winter tires on your SUV

SUV all-season tires

Regardless of what winter tires you use for your SUV, you need to make sure that you have winter approved tires on your SUV early enough. If you have SUV all-weather tires, you don’t have to worry as you already have winter approved tires on your SUV. If you instead have SUV winter tires, then you will need to change before the winter weather arrives.

It can be dangerous to drive a heavy vehicle like an SUV without using the correct tires, as you will not have the sufficient grip that you will need to get it to drive safely. You need proper grip to stay on the road and a short braking distance to avoid accidents. The heavier the vehicle is, it means that you require better grip to stop it from skidding. A heavy vehicle gliding out of control on ice can be very dangerous and a horrifying experience.

Since SUV all-season tires are designed for warm weathers and not for winter use. All-season tires can´t provide the necessary grip on ice, nor do they have the tread design to perform well on snow or slush. This is why you must have the winter tires on your SUV in time before it gets cold. If you don’t have very long or harsh winters in your area, you can maybe manage with an all-weather tire that gives you all year-round safety.

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