How to ensure improved driving safety

Driving safety is a combination of several factors. You will need to be a good driver, with proper driving experience both in summer and winter conditions. If you lack experience of driving in winter conditions, you should practice on special driving courses.

Understanding how the car acts on snow and ice is extremely valuable and getting used to the prolonged braking distance on slippery surfaces is important for safe driving. So make sure that you can handle your car even in tricky situations. You also need to understand what impact the correct car tyres choice makes for the different surfaces.

You will need to make sure that you have a safe car and that it in good condition. The brakes have to work properly; the shock absorbers have to be in good condition. All the lights on the car should work; windshield wipers should clear the window in an effective and clean matter.

The tyres on the car should be in good condition, with proper tread depth and with the correct tyre pressure. You also need to have the correct tyres for the season in question. You will need summer tyres for the warm season and winter tyres for the cold season. Winter tyres outperform summer tyres at temperatures below zero degrees.

Making sure that they tyre change is done in time before the winter starts, ensures that you have the correct tyres mounted when you need them, also not removing them too early will provide you with a wide safety period.

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