How to Choose the Right Coupling

A coupling is a mechanism connecting two shafts at their ends to convey electricity. Its fundamental role is to link two pieces of revolving equipment while allowing for some degree of misalignment, end movement, or both.

Additionally, regular coupling assessment is integral to preventative maintenance for your machine. Yet, like getting an engine mount replacement, having your coupling fixed or replaced is vital. Look for signs, such as cracking or indention, as these are common indications of failure. 

To ensure you purchase the right one, check out the following considerations: 

Usage and Purpose

One of the first matters to consider is coupling usage. For example, you might need it to transmit high or low torque. Or require it to be maintenance and backlash-free. Understanding these factors will help you quickly decide the best one for your needs. 


Excessive misalignment between the linked shafts is a major cause of premature coupling failure. By choosing a coupling that can tolerate the misalignment conditions of the application, you may keep the coupling from wearing out as quickly and avoid misalignment from causing failure in other driveline components.

Failure Safe

Because the portion of both hubs works in the same plane, a fail-safe coupling will continue to transmit power even after the element fails. One example of fail-safe coupling is jaw coupling, but non-failure safe ones are also available. Since no component of the hubs operates in the same plane, these couplings will no longer transmit power when the element breaks.

Avoid choosing based on habit or money

Because there are various coupling manufacturers, not all couplings are created equal. Thus, specifying based on familiarity often leads to incompatibilities between equipment requirements and coupling capabilities. 


Lubrication is only required for particular couplings. But insufficient lubrication is a significant cause of coupling failure. Moreover, although most couplings are grease-lubricated, their service life is mainly dependent on frequent checks of lubrication quality and efficacy as part of a preventative maintenance plan.

Ready to buy couplings?

It is evident that couplings play a significant role in your vehicle. Hence, choosing the right product will maximise its overall functionality. If you are set to get couplings, contact Poly Flex. You may visit their website for more information

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