Fabulous Loc Styles You Have Got to Try

Natural hair is perfect for styling, curling, braiding, and trying out gorgeous loc styles. Locs are considered the best hairstyles due to their versatility and abundance of styling options. While dreadlocks demand dedication and patience, they are worth all the effort. If you’re planning to visit the best hair salon Atlanta residents patronize, you should try out these eye-catching loc styles we’ve put together in this simple guide.

Side-Swept Locs

One of the best loc styles for long hair is side-swept locs. This simple yet beautiful hairstyle will accentuate your facial features. You don’t have to do anything confusing to get this style – all you have to do is gather your locs to one side.

Fringed Double Up-Buns

 Also called spaced buns, this ‘90s vibe, chic loc style works well as a starter loc and suits teenagers perfectly. They tend to shrink as they mature, which makes them great for those wanting short bangs.


An iconic style that originated in the ‘90s, this once again trendy loc style gives you a striking look with raised hair and a visible scalp in between. Cornrows can add a unique twist to the usual undercut hairstyle.

Loc’d Bun

Are you interested in trying a top knot? A loc’d bun hairstyle is easy to create in less than 5 minutes but will need a medium to long hair length.

Bob Locs

Bob hairstyles are the most flexible styles since they can work on different hair types. You can manipulate your locs into a bob style by folding the ends and applying hair spray. To take it up a notch, you may use healthy color on your hair by using hair paint wax on the tips. For a permanent-colored look, consult a loctician for bleaching services to ensure your hair stays healthy.

Beaded Locs

Aside from contorting your locs into unique shapes, you can add accessories such as beads. This fabulous loc style uses wooden, glass, or polymer clay beads to give a more tamed look. Moreover, beads can restrict growing hair, giving you more control over the style.

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