How to ensure improved driving safety

Driving safety is a combination of several factors. You will need to be a good driver, with proper driving experience both in summer and winter conditions. If you lack experience of driving in winter conditions, you should practice on special driving courses.

Understanding how the car acts on snow and ice is extremely valuable and getting used to the prolonged braking distance on slippery surfaces is important for safe driving. So make sure that you can handle your car even in tricky situations. You also need to understand what impact the correct car tyres choice makes for the different surfaces.

You will need to make sure that you have a safe car and that it in good condition. The brakes have to work properly; the shock absorbers have to be in good condition. All the lights on the car should work; windshield wipers should clear the window in an effective and clean matter.

The tyres on the car should be in good condition, with proper tread depth and with the correct tyre pressure. You also need to have the correct tyres for the season in question. You will need summer tyres for the warm season and winter tyres for the cold season. Winter tyres outperform summer tyres at temperatures below zero degrees.

Making sure that they tyre change is done in time before the winter starts, ensures that you have the correct tyres mounted when you need them, also not removing them too early will provide you with a wide safety period.

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Time to leave the change tyres and leave the summer tyres behind

As the summer has been good throughout Europe and the travel restrictions have been easing, it is now time to leave the summer tyres behind. Hopefully, they provided your vehicle with a great experience during the year. Summer tyres are great for driving on dry summer roads. They are also designed to handle any summer rain that might come during the summer, but they are not designed to handle snow, ice and slush. Slush, compared to rain, need wider grooves in the tread to be able to move slush away from the surface to maintain contact with the road surface.

There are more differences in the design than being able to remove slush from the surface. Incorporated in the product design of winter tyres is the ability to remain soft during cold winter conditions. There is a big difference in the rubber compound to ensure that the tyres remain soft and compliant during winter temperatures. If the tyres are not soft and compliant to the rad surface, they will not have any traction. They will lose their traction as the temperatures drop, and they go from being soft to hard. This is a change that can happen very rapidly as the temperatures drop.

The scary thing is that you might not notice the change, and suddenly, your tyres will change from very good summer tyres to very bad tyres for winter conditions. With the dropping temperatures, your tyres have gone from good to bad, all due to dropping temperature and thus changing characteristics of the tyre. It is key to change your summer tyres to winter tyres before you face changing conditions. A tyre change is quick and can be done well in advance before expecting temperature drops.

The winter tyres are not only designed to be soft; they are designed with the main aim to perform well on ice, snow and slush. All these challenging conditions can easily be coped with if you have the correct tyres. A studded tyres will give you an excellent grip on snow and packed ice, as well as on snow. The non-studded tyres will have a good grip on snow and ice but not as good as the studded option. For snow, they will be at least as good. So, change now and leave your summer tyres behind.

Winter tyres will keep you safe as you drive in winter conditions, but you do need to have the tyres mounted on your vehicle before the snow arrives to drive safely. What often happens is that people wait too long and finally make the change too late, when the winter weather has already arrived. As it is dangerous and, in some places, illegal to drive with summer tyres in winter conditions, you need to make sure that you initiate the change earlier.  The best is to change once the temperatures start to go below 7 Celsius as below that the winter tyres outperform summer tyres.

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Things to consider when purchasing new tyres for hybrid or electric cars

When buying tyres for hybrid or electric cars, it is important to keep in mind the differences between them and regular combustion engine cars. The biggest difference is the weight of the hybrid or electric cars, being much heavier due to the battery packs. This is why it is important to invest in good tyres to allow for adequate grip for both braking and accelerating. A good quality tyre is also the best protection against hydroplaning in wet conditions. The second thing to consider when buying a tyre, in general, is what kind of driving you will be doing and where you live. This is because if you live in an area not experiencing severe winters, you would be able to buy a summer tyre to be used all year round.

Most electric cars or hybrids come equipped with summer tyres from the factory. With a row of advances in summer tyres during the years, it has become the tyre of choice for many car manufacturers for them when they sell their cars. Premium summer tyres have low rolling resistance, which decreases the energy consumption for each journey, allowing the electric cars to go further on every charge. Distance of electric cars have always been a problem as you can’t just stop quickly and charge your battery on your way somewhere.

Unlike all-season tyres, the summer tyres can’t handle snow and ice and therefore don’t have the 3PMSF-symbol indicating that they can be used in severe winter conditions. This is different from winter approved all-season tyres that actually has this symbol. The all-season tyres can be considered something of a hybrid between summer tyres and winter tyres. Your summer tyres are only safe during the warm seasons, which will be enough if you reside in an area without winters, or where you don’t have to drive during the days when you have snow on the ground.

Tyres like the Nokian Wetproof are summer tyres that are recommended for use with hybrid and electric cars. They assure precise handling capabilities, and advances in technology offer the ultimate safety on wet and dry surfaces alike. This very eco-friendly tyre allows for excellent grip, so you can rest assured that braking will not be a problem even with the additional weight of a hybrid or electric car. Nokian Wetproof summer tyre is an excellent all year round tyre that does not negatively impact the performance while remaining an environmentally friendly tyre for areas without winters. When you will experience winters, you will just change to winter tyres at the end of the season or then to winter approved all-season tyres like the Nokian Seasonproof. They can then safely handle all different weathers and temperature that you will experience during the year. This means that you can drive any day of the year even if you are surprised by sudden weather changes.

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Tyre selection for electric vehicles and hybrids

There are some differences between electric cars and hybrids compared to traditional cars, which you need to take into consideration when selecting tyres. Electric and hybrid cars have battery packs that make them heavier than a traditional car running on gasoline. This means that grip is even more important to allow proper braking. During the summer months, grip and traction remain important as with summer rains, the risk of hydroplaning increases and is, in fact, the number one reasons for accidents in the summer months. The summer tyres are a good all-around tyre providing excellent grip on both wet and dry roads.

When investing in new tyres for your electric vehicle or hybrid, it is important to consider the main differences between them and a standard car. There are many good quality summer tyres on the market today. Tyres like the Nokian Wetproof is a premium summer tyre with excellent grip, especially wet grip to assure proper braking and recommended for hybrid or electric cars. The Nokian Wetproof also offers new technologies to create the ultimate driving experience while remaining an environmentally friendly tyre.

The Nokian Wetproof are summer tyres that incorporate many new technologies to allow for excellent wet grip, smooth, quiet driving, and Central European conditions. The Nokian Wetproof summer tyres are designed with new technologies like the new aqua wet compound, silent sidewall technology, polished grooves while remaining environmentally friendly due to their low rolling resistance. The new aqua hybrid compound and help deliver excellent performance in wet conditions, so you can avoid aquaplaning and stay safe.

The polished grooves give ultra-high performing handling on dry roads. At the same time, innovations have improved its aquaplaning and slushplaning properties so that summer rains will not be of any concern. You should keep in mind that summer driving requires a good quality tyre with a minimum of 4 millimetres of tread and properly inflated tyres to avoid the risk of hydroplaning. The Nokian Wetproof summer is an excellent choice for ultimate performance throughout the seasons. As with all summer tyres, they should only be used during warm conditions; once you go below 0°C, you should change to winter tyres.

For high-performance electric vehicles of hybrids, you probably want to go for the Nokian Powerproof. They have a new excellent dynamic grip compound to give them excellent performance at high speeds, even at fast lane changes. They use swoop groves, trapezoid flow grooves, polished grooves and tailored grooves to ensure you have excellent grip and prevention of aquaplaning. They also have a power zone that allows for precise cornering. These are some of the best Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyres on the market that can combine high-speed performance with optimal safety both in dry and wet conditions. These tyres should be matched with Nokian Snowproof P winter tyres, which gives you the ultimate performance during the winter, even for high-speed electric vehicles.

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Not being stressed when you drive improves your safety

We can all remember instances where we have been in a big hurry to get from one destination to another. We can all agree that driving is less than optimal at these times. Some people habit of always being late and finding themselves in these situations more often than not. When you are stressed, and in a hurry, you make suboptimal decisions. You stress and tend to inflict stress on other drivers by not keeping sufficient distance between your car and the cars in front. This reduces the reaction time you allow for yourself and decreases the braking distance you allow for your tyres if you want to drive safely. You also tend to drive faster when you are stressed and in a hurry.

Regardless if you leave on time or if you leave late, stress should be avoided when driving. Driving should be cautious and try to anticipate the other driver’s moves, so you have sufficient time to react. When you have time and is focused, you can react and make the correct decisions for a safer drive.

Regardless of the driving conditions, you will need to have premium tyres on your vehicle. Both your summer tyres and your winter tyres should be of high quality, and if you instead decide to use all-season tyres, you need to make sure that they are approved for winter conditions. If they are approved for winter use, you can safely drive all year round with the same set of tyres. The braking distance of your tyres is important, as a short braking distance will help keep you out of accidents as you can hopefully get your vehicle to stop before ending up in an accident. If you are less stressed, you tend to react faster so that the reaction time is decreased. Also, by driving slower, your braking distance will decrease, helping you stay out of accidents.

You can compare values between the tyres braking distance of different tyres, and you will see how much shorter a premium tyre can make you stop. This simplifies the buying of tyres as it is easy to compare and make a well-informed decision. Selecting tyres based on key parameters that improve safety is important and helps even if you are not stressed when you drive.

Driving should be enjoyable, and it rarely is if we are late for an appointment and try to make up the time as we drive. We tend to make the wrong decisions, get more irritated, and if we are not getting into accidents, we are often close to it more often than not. Having a safe vehicle with premium tyres help you stay out of an accident or help you get out of accidents safely, but accidents are always costly, and you can also injure someone else. Since we all have cell phones, it is better to just call and inform them that you will be a few minutes late and then take the time to get to the place we need to be at.

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How to lower your car costs

Lowering your car costs, can be done in a few ways. Your monthly expenses are associated with the direct running cost and direct and accumulated service costs. The main driving cost comes from the fuel costs, which can be pretty expensive due to the high petrol costs. One way to lower them is to get a hybrid vehicle or an electric one. If you can’t do that, then you need to drive more efficiently and use better tyres. These are some ways that can reduce the overall driving costs:

The tyre selection is essential, so make sure that both your summer tyres and your winter tyres are of high quality and have low rolling resistance so that the fuel consumption will remain low. Use tyres that have low tyre wear so that your tyres will last as long as possible. Premium tyres last longer as they have low rolling resistance and wear slower.

Ensure that the inflation pressure is correct, as wrong pressure increases the rolling resistance, causing your car to consume more fuel. Faulty pressure will increase the wear and will cause your tyres to wear out prematurely. A smoother driving style versus an aggressive manner will save you money on fuel and help you avoid accidents that might otherwise push your insurance premiums higher.

If you follow the above advice, you will see that your car associated costs will decrease over time. You will also increase your safety as you drive, which can have an effect on your insurance costs for further savings.

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Make use of the EU tyre label when you buy new tyres

There are a lot of sources where you can get information when you are selecting new tyres. They have simplified the process for tyres a bit as they have added the EU tyre label on every tyre sold within the EU. The label helps you so that you can easily compare the tyres when it comes to tyre noise, fuel consumption and wet grip. These work great when you compare summer tyres as they are tested in these conditions, however for winter tyres, they don’t have how the grip is on ice or snow, and the rolling resistance isn’t done at winter temperatures, so that they might be not applicable.

For winter tyres or all-season tyres, which are the winter approved tyres that you can use all year round, you will need to find the relevant information via other sources like motor magazines, the internet, tyre manufacturers information pages etc. You should make sure that the tyre tests are done in an objective and not subjective matter. There is no reason to look at tyres tests that are not done by major motor magazines or big car organizations.

You have to assess your tyres’ critical performance criteria and where and how you will use them before you start doing your search. Then you will know best what to look for, and you should be able to come up with the best tyre options. If you planning to buy summer tyres, you should use the EU tyre label to decide among your candidates.

When you select among winter tyres, you will need to decide between studded or non-studded tyres if the studded tyres are allowed. You also have the option to choose all-season tyres if you don’t have too harsh winter conditions or too long winters. If you decide to go for studded tyres, you should know that they perform the best of any tyres on icy surfaces. If you have non-studded tyres, they will be equally good on snowy streets and even when you have slush. You also have more flexibility with these tyres are they allow you to use them longer.

If you have an electric vehicle or hybrid, you will need to have low rolling resistance and wear-resistant tyres. If you have an SUV or other larger car, you will need to have a larger dimension and wider tyres to handle the heavier weight. You must get the correct dimension of the tyres. You can otherwise impact the vehicle’s performance and handling, and key instruments like odometer and speedometer can show the wrong reading.

Timely change between summer and winter tyres is important and proper tyre maintenance, if you make the tyre selection properly and then maintain the tyres, you will have good and safe tyres when you drive, and with premium tyres, they will also last a long time.

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