How to Archive Your Whatsapp Chat

When you have dozens of friends and family on WhatsApp, it can be difficult to manage the constant flow of messages that arrive in your phone. This is where WhatsApp archive chat comes in handy! You can archive all the conversations that are no longer relevant to you, such as those with people who live far away or those who rarely communicate with you. Here, we’ll show you how to archive your WhatsApp chats:

How to archive your WhatsApp chat?

  • Tap and hold a chat
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner
  • Tap on Archive

How to restore the archived chats?

  • Open the WhatsApp app.
  • Tap on the three dots button in the top right corner of your screen, then tap “Archived”.
  • Now you can choose which archived chat you wish to restore by tapping on it and pressing “Restore” at the bottom of your screen.

How to setup the automatic archiving feature in WhatsApp?

To enable the “Archive chats” feature, you need to go to Settings and then click on “General” option.

  • Set a time period for archiving your chat: You can choose any time period by clicking on “Select Days”. If you want all the old messages in your Whatsapp account to be removed automatically after 30 days or 1 year, then select either of these options from the drop-down menu.
  • Manually archive your chats: If you want only some specific chats deleted after being archived, then use this option instead of setting an automatic schedule for archiving them all at once.

Here you can learn how to archive your whatsapp chat and also learn how to restore it with this article.

  • How to archive your WhatsApp chat:

To archive your WhatsApp chats, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and tap on Chats.
  • Now tap on More options at the bottom right corner of your screen and select Archive option from it.

This will help you in archiving all of your chats in one go without having to select each chat individually.


If you are looking for a way to archive WhatsApp chat, then this article is the right place. Here we have discussed everything regarding archiving and restoring the chats. You can also setup the automatic archiving feature in WhatsApp which will automatically save all your chats on your phone so that they don’t get deleted by mistake or any other reason.

Enterprise Archiving Explained

Enterprise archiving is an important aspect of your business’s data management, and it can help you meet your compliance needs. There are several benefits to storing your data off-line, as you will not have to worry about it being tampered with or stolen. Additionally, you will save money by reducing the amount of storage space needed.

Offline storage reduces the risk of theft and modification

One of the most difficult tasks facing any organization is the retention of large amounts of unstructured data. The proliferation of digital data has opened the door to cyber crime, ransomware and other malware laden calamities. In order to counter this problem, companies need to find a way to store and retrieve critical information while maintaining a safe chain of custody. This is best accomplished by using an offline storage solution. Offline solutions allow companies to store data that would otherwise be lost due to fire, water or theft. Optical disc based systems are a popular off-line storage solution for a variety of reasons.

While there is no magic bullet solution to the challenge, offline storage solutions provide a degree of certainty to users that their data is being kept at the highest level of security. Not only does this type of storage solution protect against unauthorized access and damage, it also serves as a disaster recovery site if the worst should happen.

Reducing the cost of primary storage

Data archiving is the process of moving data no longer in use to an archived storage medium. This can reduce costs on secondary and primary storage.

There are several different ways to archive your data. These include using an offsite cloud storage solution, or storing the files on tape.

Data archiving is also a way to lower your backup costs. It removes infrequently accessed data from your backup data set. By removing the older, less-used data, you can free up space for newer, more valuable data.

Primary storage is where your most critical data is stored. A modern primary storage solution provides protection from media failure and replicates data to secondary storage. However, this requires a robust infrastructure.

Using data archiving will not only improve your backup performance, but it will also reduce the cost of primary storage. Rather than using a large amount of backup data, you can move old, redundant data to less expensive, high-capacity storage. You can then use this storage for long-term retention.

Helps businesses meet compliance

An enterprise archiving solution can help businesses meet compliance requirements. Enterprise archiving is the process of storing and managing electronic information in a secure, long-term, off-site location. This allows organizations to make records more accessible, retrieve them quickly, and improve document management.

In today’s data-driven world, recordkeeping is important. Business records contain vital information. To keep them compliant, businesses must adhere to specific mandates for privacy and workplace security. Records can be made up of email communications, websites, and corporate social media applications.

Many industries, including financial services and health care, have strict recordkeeping standards. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for example, has regulations covering investment activities and client data. HIPAA privacy forms are also required.

Compliance is a year-round task, and it’s essential to find effective ways to keep historical records. Investing in the right technology can minimize costs and maximize productivity. A reliable, scalable solution can simplify email retention and improve employee productivity.

Complying with the Expanding Project Trust Account Framework in Queensland

Queensland has now implemented the revised regulation regarding the management of construction project finances. The Security of Payments Act of 2017 was created to protect payments and retention. It has been modified to provide a simplified approach to account requirements.

The Project Trust Account framework is designed to increase the security of subcontractors’ payments in the construction and building industry. This framework applies to all eligible contracts for entities that fall under the jurisdiction of the state, hospital, or health service, as well as the private sector, which requires head contractors to keep the money paid to the project principal in a separate trust fund for subcontractors.

A trust account is an arrangement in which funds are held by a third party, such as a bank, for the benefit of another party. There are two types of trust accounts: project trust and retention. The retention trust account holds cash eligible for withholding until it becomes payable. The money is placed in a separate account to protect the employer against inefficient or defective work by contractors.

Meanwhile, a project trust account is a type of financial account that holds money in trust until payment for a project becomes due. To ensure that all parties are paid for their work, the head contractor must maintain the project trust account.

The project trust account framework can be used for projects that mainly involve project trust work and where at least one subcontractor has been engaged to perform any or all related tasks. The regulation defines project trust work as building construction, extension, renovation, or improvement.

Head contractors must comply with administrative requirements, as anyone violating the framework could face penalties. This is why construction companies need to be able to handle the extra load. With the help of document management software, they must adapt to keep track of all project-related files and requirements.

Construction companies can also opt for commercial estimating software that enables users to make accurate estimates or quotes. Having an accurate estimate allows contractors to determine the feasibility and profitability of a possible construction project.

To learn more about the project trust account framework in Queensland, check this infographic from Bizprac.


Why Should Businesses Acquire Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistants have become an increasingly popular asset to businesses of all sizes. From small businesses to large corporations, virtual assistant services are a great way to save money, increase efficiency, and free up your team’s valuable time. Here is why every business should acquire virtual assistant services:

Save Money

Outsourcing virtual assistant services can be significantly cheaper than hiring in-house staff. Most virtual assistants work hourly, so businesses can get the help they need without paying the required salary and benefits that on-site employees typically have.

Increase Efficiency

Virtual assistants can help streamline processes, making them more efficient. Whether they are completing data entry tasks, scheduling meetings, or helping with research, virtual assistants can streamline the workflow of any business.

Work Flexibility

With a virtual assistant, businesses can hire someone with the exact skillset they need without committing to a full-time employee. Not only that, they can benefit from the flexibility of working virtually.

Access to Talent

Virtual assistants offer access to talent from around the world. Businesses can find an expert in their chosen field, regardless of its niche.

Wrap Up

Virtual assistant services are a great way for businesses to get more done with less effort. Not only will business entities save money, but they will also increase efficiency and have access to top-level talent from around the world. With virtual assistant jobs online being more in demand than ever, now is the perfect time for businesses to acquire virtual assistant services.

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Using a Mechanical Logo Design to Enhance the Impact of Your Brand

Mechanical logo design can help you stand out from the competition. The mechanical elements of a logo can give it more impact and make it easier to recognize.

Mechanical Logo Design Elements that Can Enhance Your Brand

Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your business as it helps define your brand. It’s no surprise then that you want to make sure it stands out from your competitors, conveys a message or emotion, and enhances the overall impact of your brand. You can use mechanical design elements to accomplish all these things.

Mechanical Logo Design Elements that Can Enhance Your Brand

  • Stand out from the crowd: A mechanical logo can be a good way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting noticed by potential customers. The unique style will catch their eye as well as intrigue them enough for them to engage with your content more deeply than they would if they saw a traditional logo design instead.
  • Convey a message or emotion: A mechanical emblem not only allows you get noticed by potential clients but also allows you convey a message or emotion that would otherwise not be possible with other types of designs like hand drawn characters or photographs on topically related backgrounds which could potentially come off cheesy rather than stylishly cool if done incorrectly (or even right sometimes!). Just look at how well Apple™ did this when they first introduced their product line back in 1976!

A mechanical logo helps you stand out against the competition.

A mechanical logo is a unique design that is not easy to replicate. This can help you stand out from the competition and build trust with your customers by helping them recognize your brand faster. It also helps ensure that no one else has a similar logo design to yours, which can help you make sure that your brand doesn’t get confused with anyone else’s.


A mechanical logo design is a great way to add value to your business. It’s unique, and memorable and combines two concepts that many people find inspiring: machines and design. For more information about Using a Mechanical Logo Design to Enhance the Impact of Your Brand, Contact them at 608-295-0225 or visit their website at

Why You Should Work With Recruitment Agencies

Has your employee filed a resignation recently? And are you struggling to learn the ropes of the hiring process? 

Then, you might want to consider hiring a staffing firm, such as a mining recruitment agency Perth. Recruitment firms are responsible for finding the right candidate for employers. Furthermore, since employing people can eat a lot of valuable time, various businesses find it challenging to look for sufficient time to do it well. 

There are other advantages when working with a recruitment agency. Read on to know what these are!

Enhanced Alignment

It can be a significant problem when a brand and a candidate are out of alignment. Before creating a short list of applicants for a firm to review, recruitment agencies interview and evaluate them. To establish whether a candidate is a suitable fit for the firm, they assess their talents and psychometric features to discover more about their personalities and capacities.

Streamlined Recruitment Process

Since most recruiting agencies will have a sizable applicant skill pool in their databases and a substantial network of contacts, they can fill these positions quicker than it would take a firm alone.

They Help Polish Your Brand

Recruiting services like engineering recruitment agencies to staff your business are beneficial since they help you enhance your brand’s image. They assist you in informing potential applicants about your company, such as its values and the work environment.  

Discover Untapped Talent

Recruitment firms are excellent at finding exceptional candidates. These talents may not frequently apply to job postings or present their CVs on employment sites. Moreover, locating such passive applicants can be difficult if you do not possess the necessary expertise and resources. Partnering with a recruiting firm gives you access to a vast market of untapped talent that you would not otherwise have.

Save Cash

Saving money is another advantage of dealing with recruiting agencies. Employers may lower their HR overhead costs by working with staffing and recruitment businesses that handle the whole pre-employment process.

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How to Choose the Best Executive Coaching Firm for Companies?

Executive coaching firms can bring numerous benefits to companies. Executive coaches can help employees improve their self-awareness and self-regulation to deal with various situations in the workplace and elsewhere. Hiring an executive coaching company can also broaden the perspective of staffers while considering their co-workers before making any decision. Additionally, these firms can help the staff find their motivation to succeed at work.

Tapping an executive coaching firm can contribute to the company’s overall growth, development, and success, as its bosses and employees get empowered. Unfortunately, selecting the best healthcare business consultant takes time and effort because many firms are out there.

Once the company has decided to tap an executive coach, here are the factors that it must consider in choosing one:

Location of the Executive Coaching Firm

The first thing companies must consider when choosing an executive coaching firm is its location. Some organizations want to meet the coach regularly face-to-face, so it is better to work with one nearby. Location is not a problem if the company is fine with phone or video calls.

Frequency of Coaching and Mode of Contact

Organizations must also consider how frequently coaching will occur and what platform or channel will be used to carry the mentorship intervention. Companies must determine how often coaching transpires, if once a week, twice a month, or it depends. It is also important to note how long the coaching will last. Moreover, organizations must identify if coaching will be carried out in person or online.

Areas of Specialization

Considering the executive coaching firm’s specializations is also essential to pick the one that fits the company’s needs. It is also logical because organizations can save money and focus on more important areas. For instance, if developing communication skills is the priority, then look for a firm specializing in that field.


Browse the web and search about the executive coaching firm the organization is planning to hire. Research for their recognition and if other professional bodies recommend them.

Industry Experience

Industry experience sets trusted executive coaching firms from new players in this field. Companies with experience know how to help clients and aim to exceed expectations. Search on the web if the firm the company looks to hire has experience working with customers in the past.


Organizations must not disregard testimonials and case studies about how well the executive coaching company performed for their previous clients. Testimonies prove their mentorship’s effectiveness and can help the company understand if the firm is reputable.


The coaching style of each executive coaching firm varies. It is crucial to know how they interact with their clients to ensure the effectiveness of mentorship among employees. Organizations must learn about their mode of communication, how they talk with others, and many more. Finding the style that fits the company’s standard makes it easier to go alongside them.

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Benefits of Using Outdoor Promotional Products For Your Business

As a business owner, you know brand recognition is essential for retaining and acquiring new customers who will patronize your business. 

While it is important to have your unique branding, they can only do so much without proper advertising. Taking advantage of promotional products is the best way to let people know of your existence, and what better way than to utilize outdoor advertising products.

This article will list the advantages of outdoor promotional products in capturing the audience’s attention.


Outdoor Promotions Demand Attention

Outdoor advertising products can be displayed in various locations such as shopping malls, roadsides, right outside your store, and anywhere people gather and spend most of their time. These items are usually big like marquees or small like a simple A frame. However, with the right design creativity and strategic placing, you can make them visible enough to maximize awareness. Keep in mind that there are regulations set when installing outdoor advertising, so be sure to do your research to avoid unwanted repercussions.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Unlike television commercials and radio announcements, outdoor advertising is cheaper and has a high return on investment. The higher your budget for outdoor promotional items, the higher the ROI. If you’re still a small business with a limited budget, outdoor advertising will deliver your marketing needs while cutting costs.

Customers Accept Outdoor Promotions

Digital marketing has become so popular that it’s already too saturated for most consumers. Endless pop-ups and unskippable video ads have annoyed customers, causing them to ignore or avoid digital promotions. Meanwhile, outdoor advertising is often not as intrusive as digital advertising. Customers passing by flag banners or fence mesh banners will notice and react more positively, increasing the likelihood of attracting their interest.

They Are Customizable

Outdoor advertising can come in all shapes and sizes that can be directed at a specific target audience to maximize brand exposure. They can also have particular designs and verbiage and be placed in certain locations where desired demographics are found.

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Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Customs Broker Firms

The best way to avoid getting ripped off by customs brokerage firms is to work with a licensed broker. Customs brokers follow your shipments closely, focusing on local rules and regulations for the specific port you are using. They also give you advice on the best way to meet your customs requirements in the fastest time possible. Inaccurate customs declarations can lead to fines, audits, and sanctions against your business. You need a professional to make sure your customs declaration is accurate and free of errors.

A customs broker helps you navigate the complicated maze of regulations that govern international shipping. They are knowledgeable about the specific import laws for a particular commodity, and are well-versed in the entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, and valuation of goods. Customs brokers can work for shipping lines, freight forwarders, or independent businesses. They must be licensed to conduct business in the country of origin, as well as to be registered with specific customs offices.

The best customs brokerage firmsv will have the latest technology, and they must be trained and seasoned professionals in the field. Their staff must be knowledgeable and up-to-date on industry developments. These qualities help them provide the best possible service to their clients. Customs brokers will also have a proven track record in providing exceptional customer service. Therefore, a company with an excellent reputation is a good choice. The next time you need to ship goods, look into a customs broker company and start using their services.

There are approximately 300 customs brokerage company across the country. Many of these brokerage firms are private companies that specialize in customs clearance. However, there are many benefits to hiring a customs broker. Customs brokers can help you expand your market, attract new customers, and increase your profits. They will also share their compliance status electronically, so that boards of directors can better understand their duties and avoid large penalties for non-compliance. They also offer valuable advice and experience to businesses to help them become more profitable.

Another important benefit of hiring a customs brokerage firm is the fact that it contributes to the economy. The Philippines receives most of its funds from taxes, and customs brokerage firms are vital to that process. A good customs brokerage firm will be able to reduce both logistics costs and the level of customs taxes at the border. There are many advantages to hiring a customs brokerage firm, but choosing the right one is essential.

A customs brokerage firm can make your business run smoothly. Whether you’re shipping goods internationally or importing from another country, customs brokers can help you navigate the complexities of the customs system and ensure the proper clearance of your goods. The customs brokerage firm will understand the regulations and rules of every country, and ensure everything is handled properly. Customs brokerage firms can save you time and money by taking the burden of dealing with customs officials and regulations off your shoulders.

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7 Principles of Work and Life Balance

One of the first principles of work-life balance is to set limits. This means not working late into the evenings or answering work-related voicemails. Similarly, you should not reply to work-related emails or phone calls on your home cell phone. These are all examples of unproductive habits that may be harmful to your health. Ultimately, these principles are important for achieving work-life balance. But they may not be applicable for all situations.

The number of employees who feel they have a good work-life balance has dropped dramatically since 2006. It has gone from 53% to 30% in just a few years. This statistic highlights how many employees are putting their lives on hold to have a satisfying work-life balance. The research demonstrates that employees with good work-life balance are 21% more productive than those who are overworked. To achieve balance, try keeping a time log.

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