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A Moment from the Palm Springs Photo Festival

Earlier this week, I attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival. This intimate gathering of photographers, clients and industry people is the brain child of photographer Jeff Dunas. It’s well run and a great opportunity to make connections will peers and … Continue reading

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Differentiating Yourself As a Photographer – Podcast

Are you tired of reading? Here’s your chance to sit back and listen to me talk about standing out in the marketplace and taking care of your business. Brian Caparicci of the Sprouting Photographer website interviewed me a few weeks … Continue reading

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The Worst Business Advice Ever!

If you’ve followed my Business Coach blog for awhile, I hope you’ll agree that I’m not given to hyperbole. I’m not much of a fan of sweeping generalizations and statements that can’t be backed up by fact. So if I’m … Continue reading

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Fuji X-T1 – One Month In

Last month, I posted my initial impressions of working with the Fuji X-T1. Since then, the internet continues to be flooded with a wave of hype on this little camera. More and more photographers are either switching to a mirrorless … Continue reading

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So You Want to Be a Photographer?

With this infographic that I came across on, the guys from http://www.fotoseeds really nailed some of the key challenges that we face as photographers and as an industry. Their message of sustainability and avoiding burnout is one that I can’t emphasize … Continue reading

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Review and Real World Experience with the Fuji X-T1

I should start out by saying that this really isn’t a review in the sense that I’m going to go through the camera and point out all of the features and give it my thumbs up or thumbs down. Instead, … Continue reading

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Advice for an Aspiring Artist

I was recently asked by a young photographer how he should invest his time in pursuing his career. Here is my advice: There are many paths to greatness… yours will develop in your own way and in your own time. … Continue reading

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