A new all-season tire enters the market

All-season tires

Nokian Tyres has launched a new exciting tire for the North American market. This is the Nokian Tyres One, an all-season tire with excellent grip and safety during the warm seasons. Their first passenger tire is to come with aramid reinforced sidewalls, the same material used in bulletproof vests. They have successfully used it for years for their tires for larger vehicles. This gives excellent protection from sharp objects, curbs and potholes when driving or parking.

The cornerstones that these tires are built on are sustainability, safety and durability. They will be some of the most durable tires that you will have ever had. They are also extremely safe and have all the latest technologies incorporated to reduce the risk for hydroplaning. Their tires are some of the environmental tires to be produced, and now with their low rolling resistance, they reduce the CO2 emissions as you drive, and with their long lifetime, they will also reduce the tire waste as you don’t have to replace them as often. With low fuel consumption and low wear over time, you have tires that will save you money over time while at the same time providing you with the best in safety, handling and grip in all the weather conditions you will experience.

These tires are not approved for winter use and should be combined with winter tires if you plan to drive during winter conditions. Make sure to change to winter tires when the temperature drops below 45°F.

For more information regarding the Nokian Tyres One, visit: https://www.nokiantires.com/

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