A brief history of biometric technology (Infographic)

Biometric authentication was commercialized and made more accessible to the public after 60 years as it saw further progress in its history. In 2020, biometric authentication was integrated into smartphones and pushed into the mainstream. Millions of Samsung and Apple customers accepted biometric fingerprint scanners into their smartphones with open arms. After biometric fingerprint scanners, Apple transitioned to face recognition as they introduced iPhone X to the market.

When it comes to the future of biometric technology, many believe that 5G is set to put the future of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) in one’s back pockets, making it more accessible than ever. With that, W3C and FIDO2 are established not only to recognize biometrics but also to regulate it. Today, biometric security and biology-based technology are accepted by many people, which opens new possibilities for strong customer authentication in the long run.

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Biometric Technology a brief history- JIAIJA23DA

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