5 Secrets About Mobile Vs. Manufactured Vs. Modular homes That Nobody Will Tell You

There are many debates raging about which is the true home – mobile homes or manufactured homes, and what this means for the typical buyer. So many companies, both old and new, are making their own versions of mobile or modular homes, and they all tout that these are the true home options on the market today. But these so-called experts and gurus of the industry don’t want you to know the truth, and that is why you should be reading an article like this instead of listening to them. Because in this article I’m going to give you the five biggest secrets about mobile homes that no one will tell you about.

The first big secret about mobile homes that no one will tell you about is that they are not built the same way as manufactured homes. You see, prefab homes are actually assembled in a factory right before being shipped off to a construction site, where they’re put together piece by piece. Now mobile homes are assembled on site in a matter of days, and there are even companies out there that can move them from place to place whenever the need arises, and will ship them right to your front door. Prefab home companies can also work with you to make modifications to your home in any way that you see fit, such as installing doors and windows, putting carpeting on the floors, and customizing the interior of your home just the way you like it.

The second big secret about mobile homes that no one will tell you about is that they aren’t made in the same factory that manufactured their neighbors. Because manufactured homes are built in a factory from floor to ceiling, they are a perfect match to the surrounding area. But mobile homes are built on site, from foundation to floor, so they are completely customized to their surroundings. So instead of living in a house that you’ve never been to, you can live comfortably in a house that you’ve seen only in pictures. And because they are shipped from the factory where they are built, there isn’t any deterioration that can occur due to weather or vandalism. So if there ever was a reason not to buy a mobile home, this is it.

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