5 Aspects to Look for in A Roller Shutter

Installing roller shutters can quickly upgrade your home’s practicality and security. These combined benefits can enhance the value of your property, all the while making it a safer and more comfortable place.

However, choosing a roller shutter can be tedious, as you need to consider several factors, such as rolldown shutters cost, to meet your specific needs. 

So, how can you determine which roller shutters for sale to buy? Below are five helpful tips:

1. Operation

Roller shutters come in manual and automated operations.

Manual roller shutters require hand operation to open and close. While these roller shutters are cheap, they can be a hassle, especially in fast-paced environments.

If you are looking for efficiency, electric roller shutters are your solution. These automated models provide easier operation with the help of a motor you can control using a switch or your phone. If you’re worried about blackouts, most electric roller shutters have a battery for such situations.

2. Material

Roller shutters are primarily manufactured in two materials: aluminium and steel.

Aluminium roller shutters are lightweight, making them easy to pull up and down. This material type is also resistant to most forms of corrosion, including rust. However, aluminium roller shutters may possess less strength than their steel counterparts.

Meanwhile, steel roller shutters are heavy-duty, highly durable fixtures capable of handling most impacts. Steel provides decent protection for your property but may be too heavy for manual operations. Steel roller shutters may also rust quicker than aluminium.

3. Security

Roller shutters are designed to provide security from various risks, including break-ins, high winds, and extreme sunlight. 

Regardless, you need to consider the level of protection the roller shutter provides.

Choose roller shutters with additional security features like smart lock systems, reinforced slats, and tamper-resistant parts.

4. Insulation

Besides protecting your home from external impacts and criminal activity, roller shutters are also designed to help regulate property temperature.

When selecting, look for roller shutters with built in insulation designed for both the heat wave and winter seasons. Effective insulation can help lower power consumption bills by regulating internal room temperature.

5. Design

Besides security and insulation, roller shutters can boost the value of your property by contributing to your home’s curb appeal. 

Contemporary roller shutters are manufactured in all shapes and sizes, allowing homeowners to select a unit that blends with their property’s architecture. Always choose roller shutters that suit your home’s design.

Roller Shutters for Every Property

Whether commercial or residential, roller shutters are excellent investments for security and practicality.

The key to getting quality roller shutters is to source them from reputable manufacturers. If you are looking for Australia’s top roller shutters that are three times stronger than the industry standard, we recommend QLD Roller Shutters.

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