Hello to Singapore

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. My personal life has changed dramatically since I started this blog. My old routine of steady posting has gone out the window and it’s been difficult for me to get back into it. But, I’m off on a new adventure so the motivation is there. Hopefully, I can make the time!

An old client of mine contacted me last year about doing a shoot out in Singapore. I said, “Sign me up!” It took four months of trying to figure it all out but we finally sealed the deal so off I went. To get into the Asian swing of things, I made sure to drink lots of Asian beer on the plane.

Singapore isn’t a big tourist destination so I didn’t really know what to expect. My first impression getting off the plane was, “Wow, this is the nicest airport I’ve ever been in.” The architecture is so modern with every little detail thought of. I wish we put more thought into visual appeal to our infrastructure projects back home.

Red is a popular color in Asia. It shows up in splashes throughout the airport.

I love how the fire extinguisher sits in its own little chrome holder.

My flight got in at 3:00 am. After 20 hours of flying plus a layover, I was tired. My hotel sent this car plus driver to pick me up. Sure beat a taxi. The driver took me to a late night food stand – the Newton Food Center -where I picked up a spicy plate of food for just a few dollars.

I’d heard that there was a lot of great shopping along Orchard Lane in Singapore. It’s true, there’s thousands of stores and all the big luxury brands are there. But cheap it’s not. Taxes and just plain highway robbery make for prices that are more than double in the US.

The Singaporeans love their signs. The one sign I wanted to get a photo of was the no trespassing one. It has an illustration of a guy being shot. I was afraid I might get shot so I let that one pass.

I stayed at the Quincy Hotel near Orchard Lane. It’s very hip and modern. Meals are included in the price. I definitely recommend it. Here’s the view from the pool.


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