Back to School

It’s Christmas Day and I’m home with the family. Part of the coming home is heading off to church for my once a year dose of religion. For me, going to church is kind a homecoming since it’s also the site of where I went to school for eight years. I grew up studying in the classrooms and playing on the blacktop.

My third grade classroom.

This sticker is a leftover from when I went to school here. Back then, there were two area codes for the Los Angeles area: 213 and 714. Now there are six and Saint Bruno is in the 562 area code.

The door to my seventh grade classroom.

The back of the church. The church and classrooms were constructed in the fifties. It’s pretty minimal. The churches built before and after were much more interesting. It’s almost like it was built by the Soviets with no interest in aesthetics. Still, there’s inspiration ready to be found for those who look for it.

I ate lunch here every school day for eight years. It’s so utilitarian and bereft of any nod to style or the interaction between person and object. I guess prisonlike is the best description for it.

Friendships and mischief took shape in the shadow of this backstop.

One thing that always struck me about the church is that the front was the more interesting side, yet everyone enters from the back – where the parking lot is.


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