A Christmas Eve Walk in the Park

Well, it’s home for the holidays. In Southern California, it’s always sunny and warm for Christmas and, despite the deluge that poured down earlier in the week, this year is no different. To spend some family time together, my parents, my brother and I headed off to the park for a little walk and visit with the ducks.

One of the things about being 81 years old is that fashion is not high on the priority list. For my old man, a veteran of the Great Depression and a life of conservative spending, practical considerations are really all that matter. Since the grass where he walks is wet from the recent rain, his shoes have been getting soaked.

Now, my solution would be to wear my Gore Tex trail shoes (or not walk on the wet grass) but my dad’s answer is duct tape.

That’s right. Nothing keeps the water out like good ol’ fashioned duct tape on the shoes. To my dad, it makes perfect sense. I’m not sure there’s not a screw lose in there somewhere…

And my brother. Not only is it Christmas Eve, it’s also his birthday.

Good ol’ mom.

The two brothers. Photo credit goes to mom.


About johnmireles

Photographer, writer, thinker, climber, outrigger canoeist, bad guitar player and even worse singer.
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