The Climbing Life – Part II

The iPhone may not be the best sports camera in the world, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to make it work.

I’m used to the quick motor drive of small format. With the iPhone, it’s one shot and then you’re out. It’s important to pick your moments wisely.

The quieter (and slower moving) lifestyle and portrait images are much easier to come by.

I was shooting portraits in the parking lot and asked to photograph Chaz here. After I took his photo, he asked if I was who he thought I was. After I said, sure am, he reminded me that we had met something like ten years ago while I was climbing up in Northern California. (His portrait is in the link listed below.) He mentioned that my climbing had inspired him. (I was a contender back in the day.) Today, my weak climbing is likely to inspire no one, but hopefully some of my photos do.

Then of course, there’s the usual landscapes and such that I can’t help but capture.

On the morning of my second to last day there, the clouds from the past couple of days decided to move out. With the sun low and shining off the rock formations, the sky behind them seemed to go eerily black.

As I rolled down the road on my way out of Joshua Tree, the thick fog and clouds of a major deluge rolled in. Got out just in time.

For more, non-iPhone photos, check out my series of portraits of climbers on my other blog: As much as I love the immediacy and simplicity of the iPhone camera, larger formats can do many things that the little iPhone can’t. Sometimes, there’s no substitute for the big guns.


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Photographer, writer, thinker, climber, outrigger canoeist, bad guitar player and even worse singer.
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