More Building Demolition

Okay, don’t tell anyone that I did this, but… on Thanksgiving, when I knew no one would be at the construction site, I jumped the fence to get up close and personal  photos of the demo. In my earlier visits, which were  limited to the sidewalk, I scouted things out knowing that I’d want to return when the place was vacant. I found a spot where they didn’t connect the fence properly which allowed me to wriggle and jump on through.

Now, me being the sneaky guy that I am, I brought with me (and wore) a hard hat so that I’d look official in case anyone, like the police, saw me poking around where no one was supposed to be. It worked. Cops drove past when I was in plain view but didn’t say a thing.

You’ll be sorry if you step on one of these.


And yours truly all dressed up for work.

John Mireles

About johnmireles

Photographer, writer, thinker, climber, outrigger canoeist, bad guitar player and even worse singer.
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