Riviera Hotel – Palm Springs

The Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs is a photographic feast. There’s so many beautiful details and design elements that butt up against each other. The moment I walked in I began snapping away.

The bellman carrying our luggage saw me shooting odd details and asked me what the heck I was doing. I showed him my photos, he scratched his head and commented, “You artists are so creative. You always see things so different.” I guess that’s the point.

About johnmireles

Photographer, writer, thinker, climber, outrigger canoeist, bad guitar player and even worse singer.
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2 Responses to Riviera Hotel – Palm Springs

  1. kaley says:

    john these are amazing!
    will you send me the rest of the pics of me and dallas.
    appreciate it. your a doll.

  2. Christy Penn says:

    Love what you created John!

    The bellman admired my vintage Tiffany Bracelet. 😉

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