Inconsistent Results with Hipstamatic?

When you’re shooting with Hipstamatic, do you find that your images sometimes come out yellow and then other times green or red? When I first started shooting with my iPhone Hipsta, I’d get results that I loved sometimes and then get a color cast that I didn’t like just a few minutes later. I just chalked that up to the “charm” of the Hipstamatic.

After digging around a little, I began to realize the problem. The Hipsta has a default setting that randomly changes the lens and film when you shake the camera. So, if you take a shot then move a few steps, the movement of your hands is often enough to change your lens and film from the last shot. Since different lenses have a different texture and color balance to them, the switch can have a big impact on the look of your images.

It’s easy to shut this off though. Go to the Hipstamatic settings in the Settings App. There you’ll see “Shake to Randomize.” Switch that to OFF and you’re all set.


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